1755 Mitchell Map

The exquisitely restored 1st Edition, Third Impression 1755 Mitchell Map hangs on a wall of the circa 1766 Scottish Factor Store. The map is 4 1/2 feet tall and 6 1/2 feet wide. The map was created by John Mitchell, a physician with a practice in Urbanna he established in 1734 and a former Justice of the Peace in Middlesex County. After selling his property in Urbanna and moving to England, Mitchell began his cartographic career. HIs map of the extant British and French North American dominions includes extraordinary features such as towns, roads, highway distances, Indian tribes and villages, topographic features and even the dates of various settlements. The map was used to negotiate the treaties that ended the Revolutionary War, define eastern states boundaries into the 20th century and was consulted even into the 1980s to settle a dispute between the U.S. and Canada over Gulf of Maine fisheries.

The Oyster is King

Celebrating the region’s rich oyster heritage, “The Oyster is King” exhibit highlights the people, boats and equipment centered around the famed iconic mollusk that fed and helped prosper generations of Chesapeake Bay residents. With a trove of historical objects, photographs and other artifacts, The Oyster is King tells the fascinating and enlightening 400-year story of the oyster as a Chesapeake Bay jewel, economic and and signature Virginia product.


Learn how tobacco transformed the economy of the colonial outpost of Urbanna, Va., fueling its rise in significance and prestige in the New World. See artifacts and documents hundreds of years old — even smell leaves of cured tobacco — that connect you to a time when life in Urbanna and the Scottish Factor Store, in many ways, revolved around tobacco.

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