About Urbanna

Founded in 1680 and created by an act of the Colonial House of Burgesses to encourage trading, Urbanna is a historic port town on Urbanna Creek, a stone’s throw from the Rappahannock River and just off of Chesapeake Bay. The Urbanna Historic District has 65 historic buildings, including one of only 11 surviving colonial courthouses that dates to 1748. It’s also home to great restaurants and bed and breakfasts. Residences from the mid-18th century include Lansdowne and Wormeley Cottage. Just outside the town with a commanding view is the historic estate Rosegill, first patented by the Wormeleys in 1649 and with a home dating to the early 18th century. Urban hosts a farmer’s market on the second Saturday of the month during the summer and on the first weekend of November is the annual Oyster Festival, Virginia’s official oyster festival that hosts 75,000 visitors.

Museums of Middlesex

The Scottish Factor Store is one of three museums that are part of the Museums of Middlesex. This group includes the Middlesex County Museum & Historical Society and the Deltaville Maritime Museum.

Middlesex County Museum & Historical Society

History plays out in a multitude of forms here. From fossils and American Indian artifacts, to military memorabilia, to the wares, clothes and trinkets of daily 19th and 20th century life, to a tribute to Lt. Gen. Chesty Puller, the most decorated Marine in Corps history, history comes alive.

Deltaville Maritime Museum & Holly Point Nature Park

From the area known as the “Boatbuilding Capital of the Chesapeake,” the museum preserves the boatbuilding tools, skills and history that defined the area. With extensive walking trails, a children’s garden and creekside docks, the museum is an interactive experience suitable for the whole family.

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